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Pieta Botes, personal trainer, WFF pro athlete, Vice President for The World Fitness Federation and now a contestant for MR SA 2024. 
Pieta is not your ordinary competitor. His journey to the competition is marked by a profound commitment to making a difference in the lives of others, particularly in combating abuse in South Africa. A topic he feels is not spoken about enough. 

As a personal trainer, Pieta witnesses daily the transformative power of embracing one's body and life. His belief that everybody deserves a second chance fuels his passion for empowering individuals to recognize their beauty and potential, enabling them to live as survivors, not victims. As a young male living in South Africa, Pieta would like to encourage all men to start being actively involved and make a difference.  

What sets Pieta apart is his personal experience with abuse, which has ignited a deep-seated passion to support survivors and victims of relationship and social media abuse. As MR SA 2024, Pieta aims to collaborate with organizations dedicated to this cause, raising awareness, providing resources, and offering support to those in need. His vision is to foster a community of healing and resilience, ensuring that no one feels alone in their journey towards recovery.

Moreover, Pieta is committed to protecting and nurturing future generations by implementing initiatives to educate and safeguard children and adults from abuse. By prioritizing their well-being, he believes we can break the cycle of abuse and create a safer, more compassionate society for all.

Pieta passionately believes that as young men, it is imperative to act differently and actively engage in addressing the prevalent issue of abuse in South Africa. He firmly asserts that standing up for what is right, especially when it involves protecting loved ones, does not diminish one's masculinity; rather, it exemplifies strength and integrity. Pieta advocates for a shift in mindset among young South Africans, emphasizing that the days of passivity are over. He asserts that the current generation holds the power to effect meaningful change and should no longer remain passive observers. Instead, they should actively participate in shaping a safer and more equitable society for all. 

In summary, Pieta's key focus areas as MR SA 2024 include:

Empowering individuals to embrace their bodies and achieve their goals through physical and mental transformation.

Collaborating with organizations to support survivors and victims of relationship and social media abuse, drawing from personal experience and a deep commitment to this cause.

Implementing programs to educate and protect children, women, and men from abuse, ensuring a brighter future for generations to come.

Pieta believes that by raising more awareness and speaking out, together we can break the silence.

Pieta hopes that South African’s, especially those going through abuse will support him by voting for him as he competes in the MR SA 2024 competition and get more individuals involved by supporting local NGO organisations that needs our help.


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Follow Pieta's Journey here Pieta Botes W.F.F Pro Athlete (@pieta_fitwolf) • Instagram photos and videos


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